July / August 2016

July / August 2016 -InteractiveVolume 19, Number 4



The Ohio River Bridges Project has been a long time coming. Learn about the downtown construction challenges and the East End economic growth. [Full story]

Vision Review and Update

At the approximate one-third mark of the Indiana Vision 2025 plan, a Chamber task force analyzes the progress and makes some adjustments. [Full story]

Towering Achievement

Ash Skyline Plaza and the adjacent Skyline Tower become signs of achievement and progress in downtown Fort Wayne. [Full story]


All About Those Alliances

Congressional caucuses have been around for a long time. What are some of the unique causes that bring lawmakers together? [Full story]


Information Salvation

Lifeline Data Centers offers an important service to a growing number of companies and organizations at all levels. [Full story]

Completing the Route

Facts, figures, maps and a southwestern Indiana view on the impact of Interstate 69 from Evansville to Indianapolis. [Full story]

Breaking Down the Numbers

Affordable energy has long been an Indiana strength, one especially important for manufacturers. The advantage is becoming more difficult to maintain. [Full story]

Access and Speed

The U.S. is not keeping up with other countries on some broadband measures. A lack of assistance from Washington is cited as one of the reasons why. [Full story]

Briefly Speaking

Partnering for energy efficiency improvements; taking shovel ready to a new level; adding to shipping records at Indiana ports. [Full story]


Building Talk

Skilled workers, technology changes, signature projects and more are in the spotlight as industry leaders discuss construction today and tomorrow. [Full story]

Back to the People

Indianapolis International Airport converting acreage for public uses. Discover what’s in store for properties in Hendricks and Marion counties. [Full story]

Positive Diagnosis

Medical campus to make a major difference in many ways in downtown Evansville as project complements other initiatives. [Full story]

You Can Bank on This

Real estate requirements change as online banking services continue to grow. Branch conversions become more common. [Full story]

Maybe It Makes Too Much Sense

Indiana University dean among those making the case for a federal regulatory budget. He explains why Washington needs a new approach. [Full story]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Impact investing remains a bit ahead of its time, but that doesn’t stop anticipation of what could be coming in the future. [Full story]

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