March / April 2019

Volume 22, Number 2


Tackling the Drug Challenge
An Indiana manufacturer acted five years ago when the problem became known. Leaders talk about the strategies, the successes – and an ongoing frustration. [Full story]

Constructing a Solution
The nature of the work in the construction industry leads to higher injury rates. But aggressive substance abuse testing efforts have benefited Indiana employers. [Full story]

Second of a yearlong series:  


Embracing the Build
The second installment of the Indiana Icons series tells the story of Jim Morris. He not only has been instrumental in crafting today’s Indianapolis, but his impact has been felt worldwide. [Full story]

Back on the Job
Various prisoner re-entry programs are helping formerly incarcerated individuals take advantage of a second chance. The stories of renewal are growing. [Full story]


Spreading the Message
Indiana Workforce Recovery is conducting employer opioid strategy sessions. The goal: to assist business leaders in being part of the solution in their workplace. [Full story]


People and Their Skills
The lead driver of the Indiana Chamber’s economic development action plan continues to be a primary topic of discussion. We look at some key education and workforce initiatives.

  • Roundtable Discussion: What does it take to keep and/or attract back talented Hoosiers?
  • New Approach: Health care provider makes major progress by embracing apprenticeship model
  • Achieve Your Degree: Companies and employees benefit from partnership with Ivy Tech Community College
  • More Than an Intern: Rushville student plays valuable role in mayor’s office, city duties
  • Making an IMPACT: Annual celebration honors interns and those who help them gain success
  • Quick Hits: Student tech team; diploma and degree combinations; special center of learning


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