September / October 2012

September / October 2012 -InteractiveVolume 15, Number 5


Watergate: 40 Years Later

It’s one of the most infamous scandals in American history. The men – Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward – who told the story back then reflect on the impacts now. [Full story]

Workplace Wellness: Snuffing Out the Smoke

Many people want to kick their cigarette habit, but need assistance. The Wellness Council of Indiana is developing a software tool to help employers be part of that support system. [Full story]

Election to Offer New Directions

Indiana Companies to Watch

The fifth annual program recognizes 25 Hoosier success stories – organizations that are making a difference today and looking forward to even greater achievements.

Indiana Vision 2025: Dynamic and Creative Culture

It’s the fourth driver in the long-range economic development plan, but one with elements that has the attention of business and community leaders throughout the state. [Full story]


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