September / October 2007

September / October 2007 -MagazineCoverVolume 10, Number 5


Property Tax Primer

Where does your property tax money go? What local government units have experienced the largest levy increases? What are the differences between business and residential assessments and levies? These questions and more are addressed. [Full story]

Creating His Own Legacy

Martin Luther King III works to achieve lofty goals – reduce poverty and increase world peace. An exclusive interview with the 18th Annual Awards Dinner speaker offers insight into his past, present and future endeavors. [Full story]

Career Excellence – Times Two

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter executes a most unique transition from making music to advising on national defense issues. This sneak preview sets the stage for his November 8 appearance at the Indiana Chamber’s Volunteer of the Year Awards Luncheon. [Full story]

Business Takes a European Twist

The term global economy is commonplace. It’s not just neighbors in Canada and Mexico, or impending giants in China and India. Europe offers intriguing stories and possibilities for Indiana companies.

Construction Opportunities, Challenges

It’s a good time to be in the building industry – if there are enough workers with the needed abilities.

Focusing on Real Estate

Property values are largely influenced by surrounding enterprises and economic factors beyond one’s control. Two examples:


Tops in Tanning

ETS equals major success in a growing industry. Find out how a Marion County company reaches out to the world with its full-service manufacturing, distribution and entrepreneurship services. [Full story]


Making the Necessary Adjustments

Columbia City and businesses within its borders adapt to changing circumstances to carve out a niche. Learn the latest about the Whitley County community. [Full story]


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Tax problem not new

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An early look at three September stories

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High-speed rail

Changes in capital strategies

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Chamber program serves staff


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