September / October 2006

September / October 2006 -MagazineCoverVolume 9, Number 5


Election 2006: Preparation and Execution

BizVoice® provides a comprehensive preview during each statewide election cycle. Recent history is repeating itself with a contentious battle for control of the Indiana House of Representatives. This special section offers an early outlook, along with updates on other key political issues.

Taking Technology to the Next Level

Office operations are undergoing frequent changes as organizations must upgrade to maintain their productivity. Learn the latest on videoconferencing, telephone systems, mobile devices and printers/copiers. [Full story]

Making Government More Effective

In Northwest Indiana, congressman Pete Visclosky and local leaders are championing the Good Government Initiative. The area is focusing on shared services to transform government operations. [Full story]

Chamber Presents Its Main Event

In the right corner, it’s GOP stalwart Mary Matalin. From the left, we present Democrat strategist James Carville. The famous Washington duo will be the keynote presenters at the 17th Annual Awards Dinner on November 8. [Full story]

Maintaining Jobs in Indiana

Former Chamber president Chris LaMothe teams with Delaware County business and community leaders to keep company and its employees at home. Sherry Laboratories anticipates continued growth in Daleville and beyond. [Full story]

International Investment Benefits Knox County

Nearby Toyota presence helps bring Japanese suppliers to Vincennes. Expansions continue at Futaba and Excell as companies integrate themselves into the community. [Full story]


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Election 101

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Latino impact escalates


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