November / December 2012

November / December 2012 -InteractiveVolume 15, Number 6


2012 Annual Award Winners

  • Business Leader of the Year: Scott Dorsey has emphasized culture in guiding the powerful growth of Indianapolis-based e-mail/digital marketing power ExactTarget.
  • Government Leaders of the Year: Jerry Torr and Carlin Yoder were authors and chief advocates of the right-to-work legislation that became law after a hard-fought battle.
  • Community of the Year: Indianapolis shined in the spotlight of Super Bowl XLVI, but its investments are set to pay dividends for current and future generations.

Volunteering Excellence

It’s always difficult to single out just a few of the countless members who give back to the organization in so many ways. The efforts of the following are representative of all who serve.

Members in the Spotlight

More than 800,000 Hoosier workers are part of the nearly 5,000 Indiana Chamber member companies. We take a look inside some of these organizations.

Indiana Vision 2025: Dynamic and Creative Culture, Part 2

In the September-October issue, the focus was on efforts to help entrepreneurs succeed. This time, we turn to key factors that are part of the big picture of new jobs and economic growth.


President’s Message
Time for optimism

Workplace Wellness
Nutritional choices

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