May / June 2007

May / June 2007 -MagazineCoverVolume 10, Number 3


Best Places to Work in Indiana

A special section recognizes the organizations named the 2007 Best Places to Work in Indiana. Data on all honorees, features on the top company in each category, a roundtable discussion on what makes a business stand out with its employees, profiles on select winners from throughout the state and an update on the top company from 2006. [Full story]

Politics Comes Before Progress

The Chamber’s seventh annual Economic Vision 2010 Report Card shows Indiana mired in mediocrity, receiving an overall grade of C. The positive accomplishments of the last two years, while not yet reflected in the grades, were put on hold by a change of power in the General Assembly. [Full story]

Working Toward Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

As life’s daily demands increase, more businesses are implementing various types of wellness programs for employee and company well-being. Employer health clinics offer convenient care for sick workers, while Marketplace Chaplains is an organization providing counseling to help employees through tough times.


A Buzz in Bloomington

Education and workforce partnerships are an integral part of the landscape in Bloomington, be it initiatives with local high schools, higher education or the forthcoming Indiana Center for the Life Sciences. [Full story]


President’s Message
Putting the Brakes on Progress

BizVoice® Web Exclusives
An early look at three May stories

BizVoice® ReVisited
Shovel ready sites

Pass It On
Workplace deception and its ripple effect

Indiana’s college savings plan


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