March / April 2011

March / April 2011 -MagazineCoverVolume 14, Number 2


Higher Education: Seeking New Levels of Success

Reaching Higher is the name of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s strategic initiative, but also a most appropriate description for various efforts focused on ensuring that more Indiana citizens earn college degrees and credentials.

K-12 Education: Changing the Way We Pay Teachers

Compensation based on performance is common in many industries, but a concept that proves controversial in the classroom. National and local experts weigh in. [Full story]

  • Briefly speaking: 3-D visualization program; combining agriculture and biology; afterschool initiatives; and virtual charter expansion
  • BizVoice® Revisited: Continued growth for New Tech schools

Workforce Development: Panel Provides System Analysis

Roundtable discussion makes it clear that gaps exist between employer needs and employee abilities. [Full story]

Workforce Wise: Back to School for Some

Older employees may need to update their skills to remain key workforce contributors. [Full story]

Indiana Ingenuity: Kokomo’s CSI a True Survivor

Electronics firm diversifies its business model, builds on philosophy of quality over quantity. [Full story]

Making an IMPACT on the Intern Front

Indiana INTERNnet presents its annual awards to top students, companies and career services professional. [Full story]


President’s Message
Higher education emphasis

Membership Matters
Chamber advocacy team

Pass It On
HR and social media

Workplace Wellness
Promising partnership


Found Elsewhere
Global graduates

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