March/ April 2009

March / April 2009 -MagazineCoverVolume 12, Number 2


Savings in More Ways Than One

The July-August issue will be dedicated to stories, columns and perspectives on going green. A sneak preview features a look at the efforts of Mussett, Nicholas & Associates. [Full story]

Fixing Local Government

Numbers tell the story about inefficiencies in a structure that needs updated. Too much government at too high a cost is too big a problem to ignore. [Full story]

Special Section

Education and Workforce Development


Higher Education


  • Latest report offers path to meeting state’s biggest long-term challenge
  • Ready Indiana available to help make training connections


A Whole New Ride

This isn’t the typical motorcycle experience. Find out what makes Cheetah Trikes different. [Full story]


Research, Business Connections

New technology campuses to play a pivotal role in South Bend’s economic future. [Full story]


President’s Message
Focusing on our people

BizVoice® Web Exclusives
An early look at three March stories

Guest Column
Value of university degrees

BizVoice® ReVisited
International outreach at Purdue

Workplace Wellness
MacAllister Machinery, Inc.


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