March / April 2008

March / April 2008 -MagazineCoverVolume 11, Number 2


Less Government, Better Services

Former Gov. Joe Kernan, who co-chaired the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform, explains why restructuring holds the key to permanent, meaningful property tax reform. [Full story]

Education Aiming Higher

There is no lack of activity on Indiana’s college campuses – from improving results and defining missions to creating new programs and instituting change. In addition, a new Indiana Chamber study evaluates the ultimate impact – our state’s workforce.

Sporting a Business Relationship

The ties between the business community and athletic teams and activities run deep. Advertising, sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and community support all come into play.


Striking the Right Chord

Fort Wayne company becomes a top performer for the music industry. Innovation, with its customers and internally, paves the way. [Full story]


Growth Comes in Various Forms to Boone County

A major pharmaceutical addition in a developing mixed-use community and expansions from international companies are fueling business along Interstate 65 northwest of Indianapolis. [Full story]


President’s Message
Higher education on the right track

BizVoice® Web Exclusives
An early look at three March stories

BizVoice® ReVisited
Robotics at school

BizVoice® ReVisited
Taking care of the tires

Pass It On
Business ethics

Workplace Wellness
Nutrition on the go

Small Business Day at the Statehouse

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