March / April 2007

March / April 2007 -MagazineCoverVolume 10, Number 2


The Ins and Outs of Higher Education

Education reform is a popular topic, primarily at the K-12 level. Worker preparedness is a constant area of concern for the business community. Higher education often provides the link between the two. What do Indiana universities look at in their admissions process? How do Indiana’s higher education institutions fare in graduating their students? We look at students’ entry and exit from college.


Don’t Overlook These Workers

Finding qualified employees is a challenge for numerous companies. Unfortunately, many who are willing and able to be a productive part of the workforce are not provided the opportunity. The message from advocates: Consider persons with disabilities when looking to hire qualified individuals. Assistance is available for all parties. [Full story]

Getting the Word Out: Washington to Indiana

Indiana congressman Mike Pence (R-6th District) relies on his past experiences in radio and television as he uses various methods to communicate with constituents. The Republican also discusses his role in the House and expectations for the 2007 session of Congress. [Full story]

A Perfect Partnership

Quality of life is a strong selling point for Indiana companies seeking to attract employees. Arts’ organizations help provide that key attribute – with support from businesses – in communities across the state. [Full story]

Taking a Stand

The blurring of the line between work and home includes dealing with the danger of domestic violence. Businesses can play a critical role in helping their employees, while educators seek to combine resources to provide assistance. [Full story]


Downtown Development; Education Enhancement

Architectural excellence has always been at the forefront in Columbus. The community is continuing to build – from diversifying its city center to expanding its learning opportunities. [Full story]

Consumerism Charge Continues

The effort to control health costs will result in more changes in the coming years. One trend that is likely here to stay, according to the annual survey from Mercer Health & Benefits, is the shift toward individual responsibility in treatment decisions. [Full story]


President’s Message
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