July / August 2011

July / August 2011 -MagazineCoverVolume 14, Number 4


Trying to Find the Workers

It’s a tale that is all too familiar. An Indiana organization looking to grow its business is slowed by not being able to hire qualified employees. Here is one company’s story.

Tallying the Votes

You can’t generate desired improvements without keeping score. The Indiana Chamber and its Indiana Business for Responsive Government political action committee do just that through the annual Legislative Vote Analysis.

Making the Case for Wellness

In this first of what will be an annual section devoted to this topic, learn about some of the people, programs and personalities that help define wellness in the workplace.

Workforce Wise: A Community Approach

Cities and towns strive to make themselves as attractive as possible to older workers and retirees. We highlight efforts in Rising Sun and Linton. [Full story]


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An early look at three July stories

Best Places to Work in Indiana
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