July / August 2008

July / August 2008 -MagazingCoverVolume 11, Number 4


Words That Work – and More

Frank Luntz is a noted political pollster who excels in communications and helping ensure the message is heard correctly. [Full story]

Going Green and What It Means

Carbon footprint, sustainability, greenwashing. These are a few of the terms associated with efforts to protect the environment. [Full story]


Making a Business Impact

Find out from leaders in ecological services, manufacturing, venture funding and the legal profession how and why the green movement is making a difference. [Full story]

Companies on the Move

Businesses and their green initiatives: Dixie Chopper, Hoosier Organic Connection, Fineline Printing Group and Kroger Co. [Full story]

Power Play in Place

No issue may be more central to the green movement than alternative energy sources. Utilities and industrial users weigh in on the topic. [Full story]

Building a Different Structure

Those looking to lead the way are depending on LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The impact of green building practices is widespread. [Full story]

Getting a Green Start

Not all efforts to protect the environment require major funding. Find out economical ways to begin the greening process. [Full story]

Campuses Stepping to the Forefront

Universities and their green initiatives: Purdue GreenBuild, Marian chemistry, Ball State council and Indiana curriculum. [Full story]


Converting Reynolds to BioTown

Projections have exceeded progress in turning this White County community into a self-sufficient energy producer. [Full story]

Communities Taking the Lead

Cities and towns offer programs: Grassroots Green, South Shore Clean Cities, Greene County recycling and South Bend sustainability. [Full story]


Industry Leadership and Technology Deployment

  • North American Green products are a part of national and international erosion control.
  • GreenerWay a start-up effort to help monitor, control energy usage


President’s Message
Communication 101

BizVoice® ReVisted
Knauf Insulation and sustainability

Workplace Wellness
Healthy and environmentally friendly

Best Places to Work
Photos of 2008 awards event

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