July / August 2007

July / August 2007 -MagazineCoverVolume 10, Number 4


From the Office of the President

Never before have the three largest public higher education institutions in Indiana (with a combined enrollment of more than 270,000 students) welcomed new leaders at the same time. Find out what each has to say about the importance of their past experiences, as well as the challenges and opportunities that await them.

Looking Inside the Life Sciences

Nearly every state is focused on it as part of a necessary economic diversification. Global companies and resources are part of its mix. It is wide-ranging, involving a number of current and emerging industries. It is the life sciences. [Full story]

Helping Indiana Businesses Succeed

That is the mission of the latest Indiana Chamber study – Accelerating Growth in Indiana’s Mid-Market Companies. Public and private sector partners are joining together to learn what makes these companies tick, and how practices and policies can be adjusted to produce even higher levels of achievement for these organizations and their employees. [Full story]


Reviewing the Legislative Session

No matter the question, it was hard for a panel of experts to stray too far away from property taxes and the related topic of government efficiency. The grades are in. See what the insiders have to say. [Full story]

A Powerful Predicament

At the risk of being accused of being the boy who cried wolf too many times, the Indiana Chamber has repeated its concerns in recent years about the state’s dwindling supply of electricity reserves. The energy picture for the state and beyond is presented here. [Full story]

BizVoice® ReVisited: Moving toward a clean coal plant

New Form of Health Care

Retail clinics are a growing alternative for those seeking medical treatment. Insiders say the opportunity to select basic services from a menu of options may not solve the nation’s overall cost and access difficulties, but the trend deserves watching. [Full story]

Caregiving Complications

The list of human resources issues for companies to contend with continues to grow. Add another – the increasing number of employees who provide caregiving services for parents or other loved ones. Workers are often placed in difficult circumstances, with employers needing to be supportive while maintaining productivity. [Full story]


Setting the Stage for the Future

An incoming international business, a downtown enhancement effort and a broad-based technology initiative are among the topics making news in Plymouth. Find out how the community is making the connections for ongoing development and learn more from architect Brent Martin, featured in our Indiana’s Leaders segment. [Full story]


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