July / August 2004

July / August 2004 -MagazineCoverVolume 7, Number 4


Restoring and Revitalizing

Communities work to bring people back downtown [Full story]

Certified Technology Parks

Designation sets development process in motion [Full story]

Opening Doors in Terre Haute

INmigration program welcomes entrepreneurs [Full story]

Doing Away With Tire Stockpiles

Technology available for alternative uses [Full story]

Brownfields Have the Blues

Indiana slow to make progress in restoring properties [Full story]

Meeting Education, Workforce Needs

Dual enrollment program provides multiple benefits [Full story]

Protecting the Business Community

Indiana Legal Foundation plays an important role [Full story]

Regional Focus: Jefferson, Jennings, Ripley Counties


President’s Message
A common sense approach

At Work
Making the chair fit

Watch Out
Controlling your reputation

Pass It On
Successful company retreats

Advantages of pooled efforts

HR Report
New overtime regulations

Guest Column
Regional economic development

Member Q&A
Business Research Center services


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