January / February 2006

January / February 2006 -MagazineCoverVolume 9, Number 1


On the Road to Success?

State seeks innovative leasing, toll road options to pay for $2.8 billion transportation funding shortfall. Legislative outcome holds the fate for numerous construction projects throughout the state. [Full story]

Assessing the Reassessment System

Similarities in financial institutions now outnumber the differences. Banks, however, cry foul over federal tax exemption for credit unions, which claim their longstanding role serves as an important “check and balance.” [Full story]


Banks vs. Credit Unions

Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute study finds that changes are required in the state’s property tax administration, including moving the primary responsibility for assessment to the county level. [Full story]

Focusing on Finance

Leaders of banks and credit unions discuss recent industry trends, expanding services for customers and coping with technology challenges. [Full story]

Maintaining Corporate Control

Accountants learn about the profession’s role in prominent scandal and how to cope with Sarbanes-Oxley. WorldCom whistleblower and Big 4 board chair are among those sharing their experiences. [Full story]

Making the Meeting Special

Chamber members identify leading venues for business events in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Evansville and Northwest Indiana. Find out what takes them to the top of the list. [Full story]

A New Home for the Business Traveler

Conrad Hotel will deliver special amenities for Indianapolis visitors, event planners. [Full story]

Seeking an Insurance Boost

State initiative focuses on growing an already strong industry, through both internal expansion and external attraction. [Full story]


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