July / August 2018

Volume 21, Number 4


Benefits of Experience
The current leader of a nearly 200-year-old Vincennes firm (Kolb Roellgen & Kirchoff) and an Auburn woman (Phyllis Gratz Poff) who has been practicing law since 1953 share history and highlights. While many factors change over the years, a few remain the same. [Full story]

I Can See What, Where?
Hamilton County features fast-growing cities with well-known amenities and destinations. On the Road Trip Treasures series, you will experience a unique museum, award-winning bakery, model train adventure and historic jail. [Full story]

Series Sponsor: Grand Wayne Convention Center

Taking a Fork in the Road
Schurz Communications, as the name implies, has a history – a long one – of media-related operations. The family-owned company is adapting to the times, diversifying its portfolio and entering a new world of connectivity. [Full story]



  • Direct Connection: Flight from Indianapolis to Paris, with its numerous links to additional destinations, changes the course of business (and personal) travel for Hoosiers.
  • Progress and Grades: An update on the Indiana Vision 2025 driver reveals steps forward, including a comprehensive road funding plan, and additional challenges.
  • Air Concern: Add pilots to the long list of occupations where a lack of qualified personnel threatens future growth. Republic Airways seeks to change that formula.
  • Member Spotlight: Cascade Asset Management helps ensure that sensitive information is protected and electronic devices are disposed of properly.
  • Quick Hits: Solar project financing; new report on energy demand; bringing together the defense entities.


  • Roundtable discussion: Three firm leaders look at changes in the profession, dealing with new challenges, raised expectations and much more.
  • Young professionals: Education preparation and on-the-job learning propel newcomers, plus a look at trends in law school enrollment.
  • Technology impacts: Artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new business issues affect lawyers – both externally and within the firm.
  • Part of the community: Lawyers in smaller cities and towns remain flexible, do whatever it takes to help serve their friends and clients.
  • Easy math: Seven lawyers + three questions each = 21 answers on top cases, most interesting part of the job and what you would do if not an attorney.

All About the Workers

Press-Seal Corporation utilizes new approaches to both “make manufacturing cool again” and appeal to the workforce of the future. [Full story]


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